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2019 Award for Excellence in the field of Marriage and Relationship Education

We are pleased to yet again be presenting the MAREAA Award for Excellence for outstanding or exceptional service or contribution in the field of marriage and relationship education. The award will be presented during the MAREAA National Conference 2019.

This award recognises outstanding or exceptional service or contribution to marriage and relationship education.  Recipients may be an individual, team, or program.

It seeks to recognise those who meet two or more of the following criteria:

  • demonstrated excellent, consistent and innovative service to the field
  • provided continuous outstanding service to the field
  • implemented an outstanding or novel initiative
  • made significant improvements to the content or process of relationship education
  • shown a commitment to the ongoing development of the profession
  • shown dedication to the support and encouragement of others in the field

Nominations for the Award for Excellence close Friday 26th July.

Please join us for the AGM, Award for Excellence, the national conference, or all three.

  1. Establishment

The MAREAA Annual Award for outstanding or exceptional service or contribution in the field of marriage and relationship education was established in 2013 to acknowledge and reward the contributions of an individual, team or program.

  • 2. Selection process
  • A selection panel comprising members of the MAREAA National Executive and MAREAA members will consider the nominations and make a decision as to the winning nominee based on the selection criteria. If a member of the selection panel is nominated, they will absent themselves from the selection process and be replaced by another MAREAA National Executive member or MAREAA member.

  • 3. Nomination process
  • Please start considering who you wish to nominate for this outstanding award and submit your nomination to the National Secretary. Nomination forms and the Terms of Reference can be found here:

    Nominations must be co-signed by a second nominator, set out the reasons for the nomination and include a signed, brief supporting statement.

    Closing date for nominations for the Award for Excellence is Friday 26th July.

    Nominations to be sent to:

    Kind regards,
    Amanda Lambros
    Vice President
    MAREAA National Committee