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Are you dating and wondering whether marriage is for you? Couple assessment provides insights and discoveries that can last a lifetime.

It can be a useful exercise for Dating Couples to assess the health of their current dating relationship, their level of commitment and to consider their future together.

Couple assessment does not assume a dating couple will be getting married. Instead, it is designed to help them understand their strengths and growth areas in their dating relationship today. PREPARE/ENRICH for example is one dynamic assessment tailored to assess the relevant stage and structure of a couple’s relationship, based on the individual characteristics of each couple.

Relationship Stage

Relationship Stage is assessed by asking couples to identify if they are dating, engaged or married. Each of these relationship stages presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities for couples.

  • Dating Couples evaluate the quality of their relationship as they attempt to determine their level of commitment to a future together. The assessment does not assume a dating couple will be getting married. Instead, it is designed to help them assess the health of their current dating relationship and consider their future together.
  • Beyond the normal core scales, dating couples also assess their relationship against a Character Traits scale, Finances, Relationship Expectations and Stress scales relevant for dating couples, and the SCOPE Personality section.
  • Children & Parenting and Relationship Roles, may included only if one or both of the dating couples have children.
  • Cohabitation issues, Interfaith/Interchurch, and Cultural/Ethnic Issues, are utilised when relevant for the couple.
  • Spiritual Beliefs can also be customised for Protestant, Catholic, or Jewish groups when indicated by the couple.

Couple relationships are quite complex and take on many variations such as dating, engaged, cohabiting, married, stepfamilies, and mature couples. Instead of using a static assessment tool, there are many scale variations in the PREPARE/ENRICH customised version couples may need based on their stage and family structure. This ensures maximum relevance for each couple’s relationship needs.

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Marriage and Relationship Education is a learning opportunity, much like you would do in any other important life event. Check out the video for couples on YouTube:

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