What is Marriage & Relationship Education?Marriage and Relationship Education is about helping couples to build on their relationship skills and to assist them have a healthy, growing, and happy marriage.

Marriage and Relationship Education IS NOT counselling. As important as counselling is, Marriage and Relationship Education is a learning opportunity, much like you would do with any other important life event, whether it’s going for a drivers licence, up-skilling or training for a new career, or participating in antenatal classes.

What does a Marriage and Relationship Education Program look like?

Couples can choose a Marriage Education Program that best suits their needs. There are programs that involve completing an inventory and spending several sessions with a trained facilitator.

Others involve participating in a group program facilitated by professional relationship educators. The group format is engaging and fun with lots of time for couples to individually discuss their relationship.

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What topics are covered in a program?

Communication, commitment, family of origin, regulating conflict, personality, goals and expectations, roles, finance, parenting and intimacy.

What do couples say about the Marriage & Relationship Education?

“I was not looking forward to attending this program but it was fantastic. The educators really knew their stuff and we got so much out of it. I would recommend it to everyone.”

“I learnt a lot about myself and we had lots of fun with other couples. The best part was when we spent time talking together about our future and how we want our marriage to be, especially for when we have children. Thanks heaps!

What Next?

Your Celebrant, Counsellor, Priest or Minister should be able to point you in the right direction to get involved with a Marriage and Relationship Education program. If not, here is a list of Service providers.

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