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Dr. Danielle Williamson, Clinical Psychologist and co-founder of the Womens Trauma Recovery Program… see her at the Marriage and Relationship Educators National Conference (MARENC) 2019, East Melbourne, August 2-3, 2019

A registered clinical psychologist, an approved supervisor and lecturer at Swinburne University in both the Counselling & Clinical psychology programs. She has a particular interest in treating trauma-related issues in adults, and has co-founded the Women’s Trauma Recovery Program in partnership with David Eckel.

Danielle works in private practice at Parkside Psychology, seeing adolescents, adults & couples with a wide range of presenting issues. Internal Family Systems therapy resonates for Danielle as it provides a way to listen deeply and be present with her own parts, and the parts and Self of others. It’s exciting to share this approach and explore the different applications for people across therapy and non-therapy settings.

Hosted by the MAREAA Victorian State Committee and National Committee we are thrilled to have Danielle join our wonderful line up of great topics and sensational speakers.

Marriage and Relationship Educators National Conference (MARENC) 2019, to be held at the Cardinal Knox Centre, East Melbourne, August 2-3 2019.

With topics ranging from Wellbeing and Happiness, Internal Family Systems and Grief and Loss and Stress, the 2019 MARENC promises to bring new thinking and ideas for professional development for both professional and voluntary practitioners interested in the field of marriage, relationship and family education.
$159 Members
$199 Non-Members

Great speakers on topics such as Internal Family Systems, Grief and Loss and Stress and Changes in couples over the decades.

Registration is available now. Click here to register for this exciting educators’ conference.