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Increasingly employees seek organisations that offer wellbeing programs covering physical, mental, financial and spiritual health

Employees are demanding additional benefits in the modern workplace including a wide range of programs for physical, mental, financial and spiritual health.

As the line between work and play continues to blur, employers are investing in wellbeing programs as both a social responsibility and a talent strategy. In a Deloitte survey of Australian organisations, 39% of respondents said they offer comprehensive wellbeing programs, including mindfulness, life balance and financial fitness.

If the statistics are true, various studies have demonstrated that employees who are happy in all aspects of their lives are happier and more productive employees.

  • Attempting to balance exercise, nutrition and stress management (physical); by reading, visualising, planning and writing (Intellectual); focusing on clarifying values and our commitment, dedicating time to study, our faith and/or meditation (Spiritual); and through our service, being empathic, being synergistic and ensuring security (Social), are likely to make a significant difference to us as a productive employee.
  • For our close and intimate relationships equally, it is essential that we continually review and draw attention to these areas to ensure an upward spiral of growth, change, and continuous improvement. The importance of renewal in our lives can not be underestimated. Learning, growing and developing new capabilities and expanding on the old ones is the process through which marital harmony is made possible.
  • Seek an organisation that offers wellbeing programs or ask your company what can be offered. If they are already offered, take advantage of them and enjoy the holistic benefits.
  • In your relationship, seek to challenge the status quo and ensure an upward spiral of growth, change, and continuous improvement.


    Material used with permission of PREPARE/ENRICH Australia.

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