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Leonie Nolan: Couple counsellor, relationship educator, director PREPARE/ENRICH…. see her at the Marriage and Relationship Educators National Conference (MARENC) 2019, East Melbourne, August 2-3, 2019

Leonie Nolan cites her finest achievement as a 43 year old marriage that has been 90% fabulous with about 10% a bit Crazy.

Leonie is married to Michael. They have three adult children, two are married and five beautiful grandchildren.

When Leonie is not travelling to visit her family, or working with Michael on their farm, she is engaged in working with couples at Catholic Care Melbourne as a FOCCUS Facilitator. She has been doing this for the last ten years.

For the last sixteen years Leonie has also worked at Open Doors Counselling in Ringwood, Melbourne. Here she works with clients who are struggling to comes to terms with the Grief around Pregnancy Loss as well as Relationship Issues.

Leonie came to Counselling after being in the Aged Care Industry for many years owning and managing her Aged Care Facility.

Leonie thoroughly enjoys working with couples and loves those “Light Bulb” moments when they discover new insights about their relationship.

Leonie’s academic achievements include a Graduate Diploma in Counselling from Victoria University and a Batchelor of Economics from Monash University.

She endeavours to stay abreast of the latest developments in Relationship Counselling.

Hosted by the MAREAA Victorian State Committee and National Committee we are thrilled to have Danielle join our wonderful line up of great topics and sensational speakers.

Marriage and Relationship Educators National Conference (MARENC) 2019, to be held at the Cardinal Knox Centre, East Melbourne, August 2-3 2019.

With topics ranging from Wellbeing and Happiness, Internal Family Systems and Grief and Loss and Stress, the 2019 MARENC promises to bring new thinking and ideas for professional development for both professional and voluntary practitioners interested in the field of marriage, relationship and family education.
$159 Members
$199 Non-Members

$60 Annual membership special

Great speakers on topics such as Internal Family Systems, Grief and Loss and Stress and Changes in couples over the decades.

Registration is available now. Click here to register for this exciting educators’ conference.