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At the 2016 MAREAA Victorian State Conference, the national executive announced the recipient of the 2016 MAREAA Award for Excellence.
Congratulations to Mary Brown (left).

The award was In recognition of her outstanding contribution and exceptional service to Marriage and Relationship Education in the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne and to marriage educators around Australia. Couples, families and individuals enjoy greater relationship health and well-being as a result of her commitment, generosity, skills and passion as both a Marriage and Relationship Educator and trainer.
Mary is seen here receiving her award from National President, Denise Lacey.
2014 recipient, Robyn Donnelly presented the award and had these wonderful words to say:

“I feel so humbled and privileged to talk about this award recipient for 2016. I know I am not Minister Kevin Andrews but I know he would be fully supportive of this recipient. They have many many years experience in our industry and field. They are a Gottman Groupie and I say that in a professional way in respect to their work, knowledge and how to help a couple.

They live and breathe the principles of making strong sound healthy relationships. They are a positive influence in their team, a mentor and sounding board for many educators, an ideas person. They are the Icebreaker king or Queen. They bring out the best in couples who are fortunate to work alongside this Educator. They are sincere, empathic and calming in nature.

They are highly skilled, knowledgeable and confident in their ability to highlight strengths in a couple even the couple may not know they have. They can turn a growth area or need of a couple into a positive. They even have this ability to help and assist educators who they inspire and mentor. They will share their passion, work and knowledge with anyone who will listen, and on occasion the taxi driver on way to a conference or meeting!

They are a leader and senior trainer in our field.

Congratulations to Mary Brown The MAREAA 2016 Award for Excellence Recipient”

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