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At last months Annual General Meeting, the membership voted on introducing Organisational Membership. This will allow Marriage and Relationship providers to register all their employees as members of MAREAA.

How Organisational Membership would work?

Membership would be based on the (total) size of the organisation (i.e. number of educators that work at the organisation).

The voting rights are based on the size of the membership i.e. number of votes at the AGM or special meetings permitted per organisational membership size.
Each organisation will only nominate one contact person; however to attend Professional Development, the organisation can send the total ‘paid for’ educators for an organisational membership PD discounted rate. For example, for the smallest membership category, up to 3 educators can attend a MAREAA PD event at a discounted organisational membership rate. Any attendees over pay the full PD fee.

This will roll out on our new website which is coming in October. If you are currently a member you will have an opportunity to upgrade or transfer your membership over to Organisational Membership.

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