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Practice makes perfect: 4 tips to break patterns of negativity

They say practice makes perfect, but when it comes to our relationships, we are likely to make mistakes.

The key to relating better is building awareness, developing skills and practicing those skills: awareness of the ineffective ways we resort to when there is conflict and understanding the physical signs that give us an indication that things are getting heated. Then developing skills to engage more effectively and to practice them over and over to ensure we relate better.

The following four strategies from relationship guru John Gottman will help you break patterns of negativity and take a positive approach to solving problems.

Keep practicing what you have learnt:

  • Once you have learnt the techniques of fighting fair, practice them over and over until they become second nature.
  • When you are next in a dispute or disagreement with your partner, take a deep breath and consider a different a approach.
  • Use these techniques during the heat of a battle instead of resorting to your old, ineffective ways.

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