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Presidents Message

Dear MAREAA members and friends,

2017 is an exciting year for MAREAA as we prepare for the Marriage and Relationship Educators National Conference, MARENC. This will be held in collaboration with FRSA on 22 and 23 November at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre.

The Executive and conference committees have been working very hard to put together an exciting, innovative and fun program with great networking and learning opportunities. The program is looking fantastic and is nearly ready to be published.

However, we are having some very real difficulties with our new website. This website was launched earlier in the year in preparation for the conference but unfortunately we are having some challenges with the company involved. However, we will not be deterred!!! Didn’t some famous general say something similar?!

On a couple of previous National Conferences in Melbourne we have dealt with Ansett collapse 5 days out from conference and also the hotel hot water system breaking down……cold showers for every one for 2 days! Like all good educators we managed these unforeseen difficulties with skill, talent and a little bit of humour. So now we have this difficulty also so we are asking you to bear with us as we try to resolve the issues, with a little bit of skill, talent and a very occasional bit of humour.

You can certainly book for the conference on the website as the bookings are being managed by our contracted conference company. However, paying membership is a problem. You have a couple of choices. You can pay your membership as part of the conference fee. Simply visit our Conference Website and click on the options to join MAREAA.

If you are currently simply looking to join as a MAREAA member, you can email and we will give you directions on how to proceed while we are waiting for our website to get up and running.

We are hoping all will be resolved by next week (otherwise our very best relationship education skills may be out the window and some Arnold Schwarznegger moves may have to be employed!)

I ask you to please be patient with us while these problems are being resolved. In the meantime please look at conference program and check regularly for updates.

I hope to meet you in November at our fantastic, friendly conference: Voices In The Family, Children, Men and Women.

Denise Lacey

MAREAA National President