MAREAA Members: Victorian Branch State Conference 2018: Daring to be Vulnerable to be Brave/From the Bedroom and Beyond


A state-wide conference for both professional and voluntary practitioners interested in the field of marriage, relationship and family education. Sponsored by the Victorian members of the Marriage and Relationship Educators’ Association of Australia (MAREAA)


Amanda Lambros

Amanda Lambros is a renowned thought leader on consumer engagement and relationship development. She combines current insights with research into relationships. Amanda has an educational background in Health Sciences and Ethics as well as Masters Degrees in both Forensic sexology and Counselling. She has consulted to some of the country’s largest brands, including universities, businesses and not for profits. Amanda, a change agent, is recognised as an entertaining speaker and has presented at over 300 conferences in 11 countries. She combines practical strategies with an impressive storytelling style, leaving audiences with memorable messages and actionable insights.


How does your ability to be vulnerable impact on you and those you work with? Have you taken the time to reflect on how bravery helps or hinders you? Would you be willing to take steps towards being more daring in life, work and relationships? If so, how will this impact what you do going forward? By drawing upon the research of Brene Brown, this is an interactive workshop which will get you thinking about vulnerability, bravery and daring. How these impact you personally and how they have the ability to impact on the people you work with. If you don’t know anything about Brene Brown, that’s fine, this workshop will include video clips and an activity workbook.


OMG – There’s a Sexologist in the room! This light-hearted and interactive workshop will have you question what you know about intimacy and sexuality and how to help couples grow in this space to engage in the most fulfilling, sexually healthy relationship possible. A workbook with activities to help you define and reflect on the concept of intimacy, with suggested activities for those you work with will be provided. Come with an open mind and a willingness to question, question, question.