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Text, Twitter, Tweet… Differences and disagreements are as inevitable in wedding planning as they are in marriage itself

Engaged couples are typically embroiled in the countless details of planning their wedding service and reception. They are also faced with the pressures of a very high price tag.

In many ways, planning a wedding provides the first big set of decisions a couple will make together and tests their ability to function as a team. From finances to family, and communication to conflict, the wedding preparations trigger many of the issues a couple will face throughout their married life providing a symbolic practice field for their relationship.

Differences and disagreements are as inevitable in wedding planning as they are in marriage itself. This is a good time to learn how to deal with them. Here are some strategies you might find helpful to work through with your wedding plans or to discuss with the couple you are working with:

  • Consider how you communicate

Everyday communication patterns like using text or email might be fine for everyday matters, but when you are negotiating a wedding, it’s good to be at your best! Arrange specific time to sit down and discuss your plans and checkin on progress regularly. Commit to a regular checkin and follow up on your actions and report back at your next session.

The standard tools of effective communication taught in marriage and relationship education are particularly important when there is tension between couples. Examples are speaking for yourself using “I-statements” rather than attacking the other person, listening to understand before proposing solutions, and choosing the best time and place to talk about difficult matters.

Tune in for more tips and ideas next week.

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