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Welcome Amanda Lambros, Vice-President of MAREAA

Amanda Lambros is a renowned thought leader on relationships, relationship development and consumer engagement and is a wonderful addition to the MAREAA Executive. Combining current consumer insights with research into relationships, engagement and delivering organisations and individuals powerful strategies for connecting with their customers both present and future, Amanda has the skills and background to contribute and advocate for the ongoing growth and provision for early intervention and prevention programs in Australia.

As a change agent, Amanda is recognised as an entertaining speaker and has presented at over 300 conferences in 11 countries, combining practical strategies with an impressive storytelling style, Amanda leaves audiences with memorable messages and actionable insights. With an educational background in Health Sciences and Ethics, Amanda has a Masters Degrees in both Forensic Sexology and Counselling. She has consulted to some of the country’s largest brands, including various Universities, SERCO, Rio Tinto, Telstra, Brookfield Multiplex, Toyota and MercyCare.

“MAREAA has a great tradition and history in supporting relationship educators and influencing the public agenda and with such a diverse background, we are fortunate to have Amanda on the executive, adding to the tremendous knowledge and experience within the leadership team. I thank Amanda for her continued support”, Shane said.

Welcome and thankyou Amanda for accepting this position.

Yours Sincerely,
Shane Smith
National President, Marriage and Relationship Educators Association of Australia (MAREAA)

Director, Relationship Educator and Mediator

Amanda Lambros
BHSc., Dip Ethics, MSForensicSexol., MACouns.
Clinical Counsellor & Supervisor
Member, Professional Speakers of Australia (PSA)
Relationship & Grief & Loss Expert | Educator | Speaker